indio motorcoach rv resort review

Indio Motorcoach Resort– indio, Ca.

internet- sporadic and you  really need a mobile hotspot

showers- limited and the shower curtain again, does not lock

office- nice but not always there or answer calls

laundry-limited and  some machines need repair

fitness center- very nice but only available after 12 noon to guests of resort

lots of stores close by-

1. walmart- took a prescription to be filled and waited over two weeks

2. Att- very nice and helpful

3. lens crafters- easy to make online appointment but customer service was just ok

rv sites are beautiful with amazing landscapes- but so many rv service trucks(landscape,contruction,rv cleaning,rv repairs,elecronic services,pool cleaning,maid services,rv oil change,culligan water, UPS,Fedex,cement trucks) make road hard to navigate and golf carts everywhere






Our parents went to the Neon Boneyard today because it is Mommy’s favorite place in Las Vegas. They learned the history of the signs and of Vegas, too. It is a shame they tore down all the old hotels and signs. The museum is all outdoors and you have to purchase tour tickets. It is a good idea to purchase the tickets ahead of time on line because they were all sold out today. Mommy was able to take a lot of her special photos and is very happy about that. They even have free parking because you really can not walk to the attraction.  The museum/boneyard gets all the signs donated and are in the process of raising funds for the restoration of the huge neon sign from Planet Hollywood. Some of the signs are still in working order but others are rusting through. They try to leave the signs unrestored and  in the condition as they were when they were being used. The tour lasts an hour with a group of about 20 people. The guides are very informative and you can tell they really like their jobs. Mommy had visited the museum 15 years ago and it was not like as it is now with a lobby, gift shop and timed tours. She walked up to the fenced area that contained the signs and they let her look around.  After her visit, there were about 4 people waiting for taxis that never showed up so the employee there took them all back to their hotels.

One of the signs was from the STARDUST hotel when the hotels in the 50’s were using the space fascination of the time – think SPUTNIK. Daddy couldn’t believe what Mommy told him about Vegas at the time, that hotel guests were able to watch the nuclear testing that was happening close to Vegas. They held nuclear parties and watched the mushroom clouds. The guide also mentioned this and said the guests would go on the hotel roofs and drink and watch the tests being done only a few miles from the city of Las Vegas.



Howard Hughes, Red Rocks, and Sandstone


For new photos take a look here:

From the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County:

About Red Rock Canyon

Just a two hour drive north of Los Angeles, Red Rock Canyon State Park is located 25 miles northeast of the town of Mojave along Highway 14 in Kern County. The park is situated where the southern most tip of the Sierra Nevada converge with the El Paso Range.

Imposing cliffs of otherworldly red rocks create the scene for one the most spectacular natural wonders in Southern California. The area is famous for its vivid history, desert wildlife, and as the setting for many movies.

The rocks in the Red Rock Canyon region contain a rich history of geology during the past 14 million years. Volcanic eruptions, basin sediments, and fault activity help to shape the unique geology of the region.  The fossils of prehistoric animals from 7–12 million years ago can be found entombed in the sediments, including extinct elephants, rhinos, three-toed horses, giraffe-like camels, saber-toothed cats, and bone-crushing dogs. There are also fascinating small creatures such as ancestral skunks, alligator lizards, and shrews.


From Bonnie Blue:

Katie and I are lounging around in a condo in Las Vegas ,soaking up sunbeams ,while our humans go on a hike in Red Rock Canyon. We are temporarily staying in a condo in Las Vegas ,while the rv is getting some work done in the repair shop.  Mommy made sure to bring our special blankets, food, and treats! Might as well be here in Las Vegas!  Today mommy and daddy did their first qualified hike labeled as strenuous.  Mommy said 6 miles and straight up for almost 1000 feet.The scenery was incredible and amazing! Looked for wild burros and horses but no luck today. They will be going back to try some other hikes. Today was a 5Paws! day.  More places to visit tomorrow.

Mommy’s hiking tip for the day- Only hike as far as your water is consumed half way. That way you will be able to have enough water for the entire trip.

From The Nature Conservancy:

To ensure your views aren’t spoiled from the canyon’s incredible trails, the US Bureau of Land Management, The Howard Hughes Corporation and The Nature Conservancy formed a strategic partnership in 1988, creating a 5,302-acre buffer zone, relocating the housing development and safeguarding where the Visitor Center and beyond stands today. By relocating Summerlin, The Howard Hughes Corporation’s 22,500-acre master planned community, a “win-win” was achieved that supported continued economic growth for Las Vegas while protecting a fragile natural desert community.  

This $25 million transaction was one of the largest ever completed by the Conservancy in the West and, thanks to the generosity of The Howard Hughes Corporation, resulted in a savings to taxpayers of over $1 million.

Sara’s Park

Our humans went on a 5.5 mile hike today in a park called sara park and went on a trail labeled Sara’s Crack. Once again they had to hike through slots, over rocks and ladders and even had to do a little rappelling. It is a beautiful trail and considered moderately strenuous.

From the web site:

Crack in the Wall Trail (“SARA Crack”)

This 5 mile round-trip scenic trail is accessible along the Parkway within SARA Park. This hike passes through one of the most famous slot canyons on the Lower Colorado, hence the name ‘Crack’ in the Wall. The trail navigates you through various desert landscapes including the narrow ravine, wash bottoms, rugged hillsides and more. This unique venture arrives you at a scenic cove on the lake marked by a unique formation known as Balance Rock—a huge rock mass precariously balanced atop a narrow pillar of withering stone. The geology along this trail is a must-see!




London Bridge is falling down…..

London Bridge was slowly sinking back in London  but was sold to a Mr. Robert P. McCulloch and brought to Lake Havasu City in 1964.  He paid $2.46 million for the bridge and then more to have it dismantled and shipped to California and then trucked to Arizona. While taking the bridge down, they labeled every brick so it could be reassembled exactly  in Lake Havasu City as it was in London. They built the bridge over sand and then dug the channel under the arches.  It was purchased by Mr. McCulloch in hopes of creating interest for people to visit Lake Havasu City and then purchase land he was selling. It took 3 years to complete the bridge and another $4.5 million to transport and build the bridge. In total he spent about $7.5 million for the completed bridge.

They are already preparing for spring breakers!!!! It is a little crazy already out on the lake and along the banks of the lake and channel. Lots of music and beer. There is a lot of different things to do here-jet ski, boats, paddle boards and more.


Duck tape and Plumber’s Quack

Went on a water tour with Rubba Duck Safari in Lake Havasu City yesterday and had a wonderful time.  The tour begins with a water safety and boat safety class at Rubba Duck University and then proceeds to the the actual tour. You are placed in your own small 2 -3 person inflatable raft and led on a 2.5 hour safari along  Lake Havasu.Along the way you are given history about the London Bridge which you will pass under and about the area and it’s beginnings. Then you will start out slowly and then 1.2.3… go fast over the waves! Along the way you will see beautiful shorelines and canyons and even big horn sheep, up close! The guide will even entertain you with some humorous joke telling and will take photos that they place on their Facebook page. It is a very fun and entertaining adventure. Katie and Bonnie said to give them 5 Paws rating!!!!