san diego,seals and sunsets

Mommy and daddy have been busy here in San Diego . They visited the LaJolla beach area and saw so many seals and sea lions. Mommy said they reminder her of me and Katie. They were looking for sunbeams and taking naps. Mommy really liked their historic tour of the del coronado hotel in Coronado. It features the hotel from one of her favorite movies-Some Like it Hot. The preservation organization has volunteer docents that take you on a 2 hour tour of the hotel and share it’s history. It is absolutely beautiful and reminded mommy of the Flagler hotel in St Augustine.

We are getting ready to head off on more adventures in the next city of our tour. San Diego is pretty but congested and California costly. Mommy has to plan our stops at rv parks many months for stays in the future . They fill up very quickly and many rv parks are taking reservations through 2020!


sailing and exploring

Mommy and daddy are sure busy here in San Diego. They went sailing on America with next level sailing and saw whales, dolphins, and seals. That was a first for them. The sailing trip was awesome after they moved from the front of the boat to the back of the boat because of a family of 5 screaming children. Then it was smooth sailing.  Katie and I do not make so much noise! They went to the world famous San Diego Zoo yesterday and saw a beautifully landscaped park but hardly any animals. They were working on updating  a lot of animal exhibits and habitats. They saw lots of humans in exhibits. It wasn’t very crowded but it is California expensive to experience the park.

Mommy had to leave the rv park to find internet services. The public library is always reliable. The wifi at the park is almost nonexistent. It is a beautiful rv park right on the ocean and she will review it at a later date. More to come when she has more access to internet.

check it out


on the wyatt earp trail

We have made it to the coast of California and it is beautiful and warm and has so much to offer. Katie and I are truly enjoying the weather and the smell of the ocean. It used to be the tuna capital of the world!! We are just hanging 10 in the rv. Mommy has scheduled activities for her and daddy to do while here. Yesterday they went on the trolley tour and daddy was happy to ride on the trolley. They do have traffic here and the rv park is booked for the entire month. There will be whale watching, hiking, boat tours(the Midway) and a visit to their world famous zoo. Just keep the tuna and treats coming!

There is a lot of history in san diego including Wyatt Earp stories. Mommy and daddy didn’t realize they were on the wyatt earp tour but they like the stories about him and all his adventures. He came to San Diego after a little gunfight in Tombstone, Arizona at the ok Corral. He lived in hotel in the gaslight district for 2 years and operated a few saloons.

There are also a few movie filming sites here in the area including a famous hotel- the Coronado- that was in the film classic Some Like it Hot! One of mommy’s favorites.

Traveling in the rv can present a few interesting experiences but you can avoid some by planning ahead and doing your research. One of the most important things you can do is to check out all the different systems in the rv, from the smallest to the biggest. Be sure to take it for a test run before departing for a long trip. Check everything from the toilet to the heating and ac. Double check all systems and make sure you know the operating systems. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the seller. Make sure all items work correctly.

more photos from san diego and balboa park



a desert oasis

Today mommy and daddy went on a hike while we laid around and did retirement correctly. They always make sure to see to our needs first-fresh water and food, clean litter box and treats. They need to always have their priorities straight.  They went on a 5.25 miles hike through the Anza Borrego Desert State Park. There was a real oasis at the end of the trail with palm trees and waterfalls. On the way back to the car, they took an alternate route and were very glad they did because they saw big horn sheep. Look carefully at the photos, because they blend right in to the landscape. It was really hot in the desert and they drank gallons of water. They took it slow since daddy is still recuperating from being under the weather.

They make sure we are comfortable in the rv before they leave and they don’t stay away too long.

rain shadow and cloudy moon( mommy saw these on signs and thought they were cute)

Today mommy and daddy went out to the anza borrego state park to Font’s Point overlook. They then went to the sculpture trail and went 4 wheeling through the sands. They didn’t do much hiking because the daddy has been ill with the flu for the last few days. The views at Font’s Point were truly beautiful and inspirational. There were only about 4 other people there. The sculpture garden is spread out over a large distance and is amazing in the details and variety.

Bonnie and I have been relaxing and enjoying the warm weather from our windows in the rv. We even slept with daddy for a while. We are getting better at riding in the rv in our carriers and not yelling to daddy so much when he is driving. We are glad to be inside all the time especially because mommy hears the coyotes at night.

We even help mommy make the bed and that keeps her busy for a while. We love when she changes the sheets and we get to help. We also help her tie her hiking boots and play with the laces. Its been nice having both of our humans home all day but we hope daddy is on the road to recovery.  We don’t get all of our beauty sleep when they are home.


I had to sit on mommy’s lap last night for a long time because she was cold. She had just returned from being outside at the rv resort astronomy park with her telescope. Daddy and mommy joined the neighbor at the park to see the stars and space station. The neighbor, Johnathan, is a night sky expert and owns many telescopes and equipment. He explained many constellations and stars to mommy and daddy and had lots of information about the night sky. Mommy had a wonderful time but got very cold and had to come home to me and Katie to get warm.  They will be going out again even though it is cold because mommy finds it fascinating. They saw the stars, including Beetlejuice,Rigel and more, but really enjoyed seeing stars on the Orion constellation and how they seemed to glow. The space station was out last night and watching it fly over them always thrills mommy. They will go out again tonight to see it. Mommy has the app that lets them know whenever the space station is going to be overhead. Mommy also gets text messages with the time of the orbit, the elevation, and how long the space station will be there. It amazes mommy that you can see it with the naked eye.

We are family…

Living life is fun and we’ve just begun
To get our share of the world’s delights
(High!) high hopes we have for the future
And our goal’s in sight
(We!) no we don’t get depressed
Here’s what we call our golden rule
Have faith in you and the things you do
You won’t go wrong
This is our family jewel

(Sister Sledge.- Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers)

Went to Tucson today to visit family and had a wonderful visit with my uncle dave. Learned a lot about family history and lineage. Saw picture of great grandparents and reminisced about family exploits. It was a fun and entertaining visit. Always take time to visit family and reconnect.

Time to pack up and leave Scottsdale and head west!