rain shadow and cloudy moon( mommy saw these on signs and thought they were cute)


Today mommy and daddy went out to the anza borrego state park to Font’s Point overlook. They then went to the sculpture trail and went 4 wheeling through the sands. They didn’t do much hiking because the daddy has been ill with the flu for the last few days. The views at Font’s Point were truly beautiful and inspirational. There were only about 4 other people there. The sculpture garden is spread out over a large distance and is amazing in the details and variety.

Bonnie and I have been relaxing and enjoying the warm weather from our windows in the rv. We even slept with daddy for a while. We are getting better at riding in the rv in our carriers and not yelling to daddy so much when he is driving. We are glad to be inside all the time especially because mommy hears the coyotes at night.

We even help mommy make the bed and that keeps her busy for a while. We love when she changes the sheets and we get to help. We also help her tie her hiking boots and play with the laces. Its been nice having both of our humans home all day but we hope daddy is on the road to recovery.  We don’t get all of our beauty sleep when they are home.

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