on the wyatt earp trail

We have made it to the coast of California and it is beautiful and warm and has so much to offer. Katie and I are truly enjoying the weather and the smell of the ocean. It used to be the tuna capital of the world!! We are just hanging 10 in the rv. Mommy has scheduled activities for her and daddy to do while here. Yesterday they went on the trolley tour and daddy was happy to ride on the trolley. They do have traffic here and the rv park is booked for the entire month. There will be whale watching, hiking, boat tours(the Midway) and a visit to their world famous zoo. Just keep the tuna and treats coming!

There is a lot of history in san diego including Wyatt Earp stories. Mommy and daddy didn’t realize they were on the wyatt earp tour but they like the stories about him and all his adventures. He came to San Diego after a little gunfight in Tombstone, Arizona at the ok Corral. He lived in hotel in the gaslight district for 2 years and operated a few saloons.

There are also a few movie filming sites here in the area including a famous hotel- the Coronado- that was in the film classic Some Like it Hot! One of mommy’s favorites.

Traveling in the rv can present a few interesting experiences but you can avoid some by planning ahead and doing your research. One of the most important things you can do is to check out all the different systems in the rv, from the smallest to the biggest. Be sure to take it for a test run before departing for a long trip. Check everything from the toilet to the heating and ac. Double check all systems and make sure you know the operating systems. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the seller. Make sure all items work correctly.

more photos from san diego and balboa park




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