Planning your RV trip

Mommy has been telling us all the things she has learned up to this point in time- on how to plan your rv trip and avoid as many issues as possible. She thought she had planned it all out before taking the journey, but she is learning new things everyday.

  1. Research,Research,Research- read internet articles, travel books, travel blogs, owners manuals, travel sites like rv village and trip advisor, travel apps etc.
  2. GOOD SAM – is your best friend when it comes to traveling in the rv  On this site, you can plan your travel route from beginning to end and it will include-gas stations, rest areas,campgrounds, dining,and all kinds of things to see and do. It tells you mileage and estimates time ,distance, and costs.
  3. Make a travel  itinerary- but don’t be so committed to it so that you can’t make adjustments on the way in your travels.
  4. Plan your stops along the route with respect to a.) time for traveling in a day and try to limit it to no more than 6 hours, b.)gas fill ups, c.) food stops, d.) pet needs d.) traffic.e.) terrain- remember travel time in a rv is longer than in a car for the same distance
  5. towing a vehicle- plan what you need and how you are going to tow vehicle- do you need a trailer etc.
  6. don’t buy everything you think you might need- travel first and you can always get what you need at a nearby walmart- they have a section just for rv travel and needs and usually much cheaper than rv dealer/store
  7. talk with your neighbors at the rv stops- lots of great ideas about what to see and what to avoid
  8. plan your activities ahead as much as possible- tours, parks,activities- often sell out weeks in advance and some things are cheaper on line
  9. reserve your parks as far ahead as possible- some book out 2 years in advance. while making the reservations ask about  amenities, including wifi and cable . be sure to look at site plan ahead of time and request the site number you want. Do you want to be convenient to clubhouse or more private?
  10. be sure to read the owners manuals for the rv. do the  preventative maintenance and have it up to date.

Just read everything you can and then pick and choose what works for you. There is never too much planning but be able to make adapt and make changes as you travel.

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