More chutes and ladders

Had to go back to the painted canyon for a 6 mile hike this time! Had to take a slightly different route due to a ladder being broken.  The weather was beautiful and it was almost empty on the trails. Enjoyed our stay here in Indio but now getting prepared to move on along the journey with our next stop being Lake Havasu City in Arizona. Getting excited for our journey after that because we are headed to the Grand Canyon and  on to UTAH!!!!!

Katie told me to write the blog because her and Bonnie are playing catch the feather and run with daddy. Mommy feeds them and they play with daddy.

Here are a few of my favorite things  that i have appreciated and learned so far on this adventure- enjoying the fur babies is always awesome!

  1. Get a water softener! Easy to get a small one and attach to water source at rv park and easy to transport.
  2. Get a George Foreman grill- awesome to cook on and easy to clean.
  3. Silicone bakeware- so easy and light weight.
  4. Prime with Amazon- for shipping and enjoying films- $99 for a year and thousands of films.
  5. Roku- Direct Tv and STARZ
  6. Cooler backpack and water bottles that keep water cold!
  7. Cable connection cord- cheap and easy to use
  8. Velocity with ATT- for wifi and streaming
  9. SIRIUS music
  10. Downsizing and minimizing- so much easier with less things and more adventures!

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