Duck tape and Plumber’s Quack

Went on a water tour with Rubba Duck Safari in Lake Havasu City yesterday and had a wonderful time.  The tour begins with a water safety and boat safety class at Rubba Duck University and then proceeds to the the actual tour. You are placed in your own small 2 -3 person inflatable raft and led on a 2.5 hour safari along  Lake Havasu.Along the way you are given history about the London Bridge which you will pass under and about the area and it’s beginnings. Then you will start out slowly and then 1.2.3… go fast over the waves! Along the way you will see beautiful shorelines and canyons and even big horn sheep, up close! The guide will even entertain you with some humorous joke telling and will take photos that they place on their Facebook page. It is a very fun and entertaining adventure. Katie and Bonnie said to give them 5 Paws rating!!!!

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