our trip has begun!!!

The trip has officially begun. Bonnie and I made it with little fuss. We still get a bit jumpy at the new sounds but are adapting very quickly. We each have found our special places in the rv. Our first stop was Summersville Lake Retreat in Mt Nebo,West Virginia. What beautiful country with hills and lakes! Our rv park was easy to access and quiet.  It was beautiful at the rv park with outstanding views and trails to hike. Facilities were great and everything was very clean. Staff was very helpful and friendly.Mommy and daddy had a lot to do on the new rv. There was grocery shopping, unpacking and setting up the rv,especially for us. We needed lots of tlc and treats! Daddy has had a lot of fun learning all the arrival and departure steps. The weather was excellent and there was lots for mommy and daddy to do at the rv park. They went on a hike to the lake and got a workout. Lots of water to drink on the way. The lake was a beautiful sight to see. They had the entire trail to themselves. Nest stop will be Virginia!

Last Preparations before trip departure

Mommy and Daddy have sure been very busy. We are leaving on our adventure in 4 days and there is so much to be completed. Mommy has been confirming park reservations and necessary paperwork for each of our Rv park destinations. Daddy is making sure the RV is ready for travel. He is filling the tanks, checking tire pressure, and  ensuring all the systems are ready to go. Most importantly, they are playing with us and making sure we will be ready and prepared. That is a picture of our playpen. Mommy gets in it with each of us for individual playtime and attention. I like it but Bonnie is not too sure. We will have our special toys and blankets and our own individual special places in the RV. We are helping Mommy pack and prepare our special toys and  heading back to Florida to begin our cross country adventures but watching the weather. Treats and tuna will be expected!

Getting ready for adventure

Getting ready for next week’s launching of adventure.  Signed up the girls for extra pet location finder if they should get out of RV and they are microchipped.  They are heading to the vet tomorrow for vaccinations and check ups. We have started loading up the rv with supplies. There is so much to plan and organize for the trip. We have had to downsize once again. It is amazing how much you acquire over a length of time. EBAY, Craigslist, Salvation Army, Vietnam Veterans and Goodwill, are all being utilized. I like the idea that less is more.Making memories rather than purchases.

We have been planning the route to follow the weather. Also included are planning the Rv parks, activities,grocery shopping,rv maintenance and sights. We plan ahead so we know how far we will travel each time. They say no more than 6 hours driving the rv. We take that into consideration along with gas fill ups, food stops, and traffic and terrain.

Getting cats ready for RV travel

The girls said I could have a turn writing on this blog. We are heading out on this great adventure in just a few days. So, we have been getting the girls ready for the epic journey. They are excited but anxious. Lots of love, patience, and treats are required to ensure they have a stress free trip.This is not their first move but their 5th and our 17th.21078647_10209411663623979_162028847103742278_n

  1. This week we are taking them to the vets for check up and vaccinations. Most rv parks want to see their up to date and current medical documents.rs
  2. Making sure we have their favorite toys and blankets in their rv.
  3. Food,medications, and treats are already packed.
  4. Getting them used to riding in their carriers is very important. They are not excited about going in the carriers in the car. They will have to be in their carriers while we are moving and when we set up the slides.
  5. We are giving them lots of time to familiarize themselves to the rv. We will be with them and offer lots of hugs and patience and rewards. Going lots of time to get familiar with the rv and traveling is so important and necessary.
  6. We will be keeping their litter box in the shower and will give them lots of direction here but I think they will catch on real fast.
  7. We have them microchipped and have purchased special tags for their collars. We are also using a clicker to train them to go to the back of the rv whenever we are at the door. There will be treats back there when they hear the clicker. Lots of positive reinforcement.
  8. We are getting them used to a collar and leash. Katie loves going outside but Bonnie not so much. Again,lots of praise and treats for a job well done.
  9. They have always gone outside in a lanai attached to the house. Florida girls mostly.This keeps them safe from predators and yet they get fresh air. For the trip we have purchased a mesh and cloth playpen. It’s good size-even I can get inside with the girls and play with them. We have been taking them out in the playpen daily with toys and treats and lots and lots of hugs.
  10. We have been using a calming spray in the carriers for our practice runs. We like Feliway spray.


We are very excited to be able to take our little tuxedos on our trip. They are family and could not be left out on this adventure. Our Rv is even black and white!

If you have advice on what else we could do to make this trip stress free for them please share and let us know.

Bonnie Blue

My name is Bonnie Blue and I am 6 years old.  Mommy was volunteering at the animal shelter and I got her attention. Mommy has a soft spot for tuxedos. I knew this was my mommy in an instant and I let her know that. She needed me the most because I was so tiny. I am named for a movie character from Gone with the Wind,just like my sister. I have spunk and character galore. My hobbies include chasing strings and ribbons and playing soccer with my  purple ball. I am in charge at the house. I am black and white with black paws and a white stripe on my nose. Boundless energy is how mommy describes me. My nickname is Dennis the Menace but with lots of love. I’m still getting used to going on a leash but I am persistent.  I really love chasing geckos and mice and bringing them as presents to my mommy. She is not so happy with this. She tells me I did good and thanks for the presents but makes Daddy get rid of them. We have moved a lot of times so a trip in the Rv should be easy.  We even have our own kitty playpen for outside time. My parents alway practice safety first.I know the rv will be set up to fit my needs(and Katie’s).  There will be lots of tuna! That is a priority. I stay busy but love to sleep on my mommy’s and daddy’s laps. I am anxious to travel with my family and see new places. I will be writing about our adventures as they occur. Our trip is going to be so exciting and we will be heading back to the warm weather I love.



Meet Miss Katie Scarlett

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Katie Scarlett and I am 7 years old. I am a tuxedo shorthair and I have pink paws. Katie Scarlett is from mommy’s favorite movie- Gone with the Wind. They call her Scarlett in the movie,  but her real name is Katie Scarlett.  She was a strong and smart character- like me!  Pink is my favorite color. I was adopted from the Orlando Humane Society where my mommy was volunteering. She took one look at me and she knew I was supposed to go home with her. She thinks she chose me but it was definitely me choosing her. My favorite hobbies include sleeping, playing with my favorite toys, and chasing treats. Sunbeams, geckos, and tuna make my life complete. Mommy and daddy are always brushing me and holding me. I like staying indoors but once in a while I will go in the screened porch but only if the temperature is cooperating. You can definitely tell I am from Florida! Now I am learning to wear my collar and leash to go outside with mommy and to my new playpen. Mommy keeps a very close on me. Safety first. I am getting so excited for our new adventures in the motorhome. I am going to see the country and I will be sharing these adventures here. Stay tuned to meet my little sister and hear how the motorhome is being set up for our needs. It is even black and white like me!

Planning our trip

Before heading out on our adventures, there is a lot of planning to do. We have been mapping out our route and deciding where to stop and at which campground. Traveling no more than 300 miles in a day and knowing where the gas stations ,camping worlds, and grocery stores are in relation to each of our destinations. Warm weather is a definite must! We are Florida girls and love the heat. The hotter the better! Knowing how far we are traveling between stops is very important. We need to adjust our busy schedules. Knowing ahead of time of our route and stops are very important. Planning our trip involves coordinating weather,distance,campground,destinations and time spent there,campgrounds,roads,and more. Organizing the rv is also involved. We need to make sure all of our supplies are in the motorhome and stored very efficiently. More information will be coming as we count the days to beginning our travels.