More chutes and ladders

Had to go back to the painted canyon for a 6 mile hike this time! Had to take a slightly different route due to a ladder being broken.  The weather was beautiful and it was almost empty on the trails. Enjoyed our stay here in Indio but now getting prepared to move on along the journey with our next stop being Lake Havasu City in Arizona. Getting excited for our journey after that because we are headed to the Grand Canyon and  on to UTAH!!!!!

Katie told me to write the blog because her and Bonnie are playing catch the feather and run with daddy. Mommy feeds them and they play with daddy.

Here are a few of my favorite things  that i have appreciated and learned so far on this adventure- enjoying the fur babies is always awesome!

  1. Get a water softener! Easy to get a small one and attach to water source at rv park and easy to transport.
  2. Get a George Foreman grill- awesome to cook on and easy to clean.
  3. Silicone bakeware- so easy and light weight.
  4. Prime with Amazon- for shipping and enjoying films- $99 for a year and thousands of films.
  5. Roku- Direct Tv and STARZ
  6. Cooler backpack and water bottles that keep water cold!
  7. Cable connection cord- cheap and easy to use
  8. Velocity with ATT- for wifi and streaming
  9. SIRIUS music
  10. Downsizing and minimizing- so much easier with less things and more adventures!

Planning your RV trip

Mommy has been telling us all the things she has learned up to this point in time- on how to plan your rv trip and avoid as many issues as possible. She thought she had planned it all out before taking the journey, but she is learning new things everyday.

  1. Research,Research,Research- read internet articles, travel books, travel blogs, owners manuals, travel sites like rv village and trip advisor, travel apps etc.
  2. GOOD SAM – is your best friend when it comes to traveling in the rv  On this site, you can plan your travel route from beginning to end and it will include-gas stations, rest areas,campgrounds, dining,and all kinds of things to see and do. It tells you mileage and estimates time ,distance, and costs.
  3. Make a travel  itinerary- but don’t be so committed to it so that you can’t make adjustments on the way in your travels.
  4. Plan your stops along the route with respect to a.) time for traveling in a day and try to limit it to no more than 6 hours, b.)gas fill ups, c.) food stops, d.) pet needs d.) traffic.e.) terrain- remember travel time in a rv is longer than in a car for the same distance
  5. towing a vehicle- plan what you need and how you are going to tow vehicle- do you need a trailer etc.
  6. don’t buy everything you think you might need- travel first and you can always get what you need at a nearby walmart- they have a section just for rv travel and needs and usually much cheaper than rv dealer/store
  7. talk with your neighbors at the rv stops- lots of great ideas about what to see and what to avoid
  8. plan your activities ahead as much as possible- tours, parks,activities- often sell out weeks in advance and some things are cheaper on line
  9. reserve your parks as far ahead as possible- some book out 2 years in advance. while making the reservations ask about  amenities, including wifi and cable . be sure to look at site plan ahead of time and request the site number you want. Do you want to be convenient to clubhouse or more private?
  10. be sure to read the owners manuals for the rv. do the  preventative maintenance and have it up to date.

Just read everything you can and then pick and choose what works for you. There is never too much planning but be able to make adapt and make changes as you travel.

A Dates Sex Life and Frog Balls

Katie and I were really enjoying our cat naps when the humans came home laughing about Frog Balls and a date’s sex life. They went to the Shield’s Date Garden and store which is located in Indio,California. The store also has a restaurant with the world famous date shake and an outdoor restaurant with recipes that include dates, of course.Daddy had to buy some dates and date granola before they walked through the garden that is attached to the store. It has information about all the flora and it depicts scenes from the bible. It smelled wonderful with the aromas from the restaurant and the scents from the citrus and floral trees. We were glad they were not gone very long because the belly is growling a lot today and it requires tuna very soon!

Also, the winds today are even making the rv move! Must be the Santa Anna winds!

Tomorrow mommy is working on the next trip that will take us on the east coast of the U.S. She will also be sharing some more photos from her camera and giving tips on how to plan for a rv trip. She has been learning more about rv traveling than she thought was possible. Everyday something new is learned.

Bonnie Blue

Chutes and Ladders

Today’s hike gets 5  out of 5 paws rating from the girls.  Today we went to the painted ladder canyon in Mecca, California. The hike consists of slots, ladders, ropes, cliffs, views, and crevices. You first have to drive down an unpaved road for 5 miles and then you will end up at the trail head. It dead ends here at the entrance to the trail and there were about 2 dozen cars when we arrived this morning. We took plenty of water because there are no facilities available. We started out on the trail and followed the people ahead of us and also the arrows on the ground made from stones. We ended up right behind a group of hikers that were experienced with the trail(also they have hiked Mt Everest and Mt McKinley) we knew we were in good hands.  You hike in for a short trail through sand and rocks and turn left to he’d up into the rocky canyon walls. Then you begin the hike through a slot where the walls are 100 ft. high and steep with rock climbing. Then you see a ladder to help your ascent and then another one and another one. They can be tricky as they are just placed against the rock and maintained by volunteers. You just keep climbing up and up and hand over hand as you find your footing. Awesome! Then after you leave the slotted canyon you hike up a mountain and come upon the best views of valleys, crevices, and mountains. Then you descend into a valley of painted canyons with walls that go up forever and with vibrant colors. At the end of the hike it is a good idea to have packed a picnic and tailgate.  Then once again you get to go out on safari and enjoy the very bumpy 5 mile road out of the canyon.  Would love to hike it again!

Katie and I enjoyed the peace and quiet of the resort and lounged in the rv. Mommy and daddy always make sure our needs to tended to before they leave for a few hours. They need to keep their priorities straight. Fur babies first then humans! We enjoy tuna and treats and fresh water. Mommy always leave us something of her clothes for us to lay on because it reminds us of her while she is gone. A few hugs are always welcomed, too.  They make sure that the rv maintains a comfortable temperature while they go on an adventure. We really like when they return because they greet us with hellos and treats. They better get me tuna soon or I will let them know nonstop that my belly is empty and I am getting fussy. They need to take care of us and then they really need to shower because they smell like outside!


Joshua Tree National Park

go to link below for updated photos

This national park is beautiful and very large. Great hiking trails throughout the park and it was not too busy on this trail. Hiked it for 6.5 miles and just kept being amazed by the sights. The weather was actually about 20 degrees cooler here than in town. So much plant life for being in a dry desert. It takes a little driving time to get there but it is well worth it.

rv park reviews

Borrego Springs Rv Resort– beautiful oasis in the desert with amazing views- Close to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park which had great hiking.

Internet- good

office and staff- good

fitness center-good

showers- good(rv parks need to get rid of plastic shower curtains- just not the best choice)

laundry- lots of machines but  a few needed repairs and were out of order

rv sites- nice, roomy, shady

easy access to stores-nearest walmart was an hour away

would stay again



Chula Vista Rv Resort – near San Diego.

Rv sites- very crowded and close together and roads difficult to navigate with large rv

internet- did not exist-had to go to library in town every time to access

showers- good but still the shower curtain

stores close by but had limited selections of groceries

laundry- good lots of working machines

fitness center- very nice lots of equipment

office and staff- very nice

would not return to san diego- very crowded, expensive,not easy to navigate with limited  roadways and lots of congestion, lots of folks staying in cars and on the streets