London Bridge is falling down…..

London Bridge was slowly sinking back in London  but was sold to a Mr. Robert P. McCulloch and brought to Lake Havasu City in 1964.  He paid $2.46 million for the bridge and then more to have it dismantled and shipped to California and then trucked to Arizona. While taking the bridge down, they labeled every brick so it could be reassembled exactly  in Lake Havasu City as it was in London. They built the bridge over sand and then dug the channel under the arches.  It was purchased by Mr. McCulloch in hopes of creating interest for people to visit Lake Havasu City and then purchase land he was selling. It took 3 years to complete the bridge and another $4.5 million to transport and build the bridge. In total he spent about $7.5 million for the completed bridge.

They are already preparing for spring breakers!!!! It is a little crazy already out on the lake and along the banks of the lake and channel. Lots of music and beer. There is a lot of different things to do here-jet ski, boats, paddle boards and more.