sailing and exploring

Mommy and daddy are sure busy here in San Diego. They went sailing on America with next level sailing and saw whales, dolphins, and seals. That was a first for them. The sailing trip was awesome after they moved from the front of the boat to the back of the boat because of a family of 5 screaming children. Then it was smooth sailing.  Katie and I do not make so much noise! They went to the world famous San Diego Zoo yesterday and saw a beautifully landscaped park but hardly any animals. They were working on updating  a lot of animal exhibits and habitats. They saw lots of humans in exhibits. It wasn’t very crowded but it is California expensive to experience the park.

Mommy had to leave the rv park to find internet services. The public library is always reliable. The wifi at the park is almost nonexistent. It is a beautiful rv park right on the ocean and she will review it at a later date. More to come when she has more access to internet.

check it out