Sara’s Park

Our humans went on a 5.5 mile hike today in a park called sara park and went on a trail labeled Sara’s Crack. Once again they had to hike through slots, over rocks and ladders and even had to do a little rappelling. It is a beautiful trail and considered moderately strenuous.

From the web site:

Crack in the Wall Trail (“SARA Crack”)

This 5 mile round-trip scenic trail is accessible along the Parkway within SARA Park. This hike passes through one of the most famous slot canyons on the Lower Colorado, hence the name ‘Crack’ in the Wall. The trail navigates you through various desert landscapes including the narrow ravine, wash bottoms, rugged hillsides and more. This unique venture arrives you at a scenic cove on the lake marked by a unique formation known as Balance Rock—a huge rock mass precariously balanced atop a narrow pillar of withering stone. The geology along this trail is a must-see!